INJECT STAR BI-176 Double Head Pickle Injector for red meat - 14000 Euro

Data: 16-02-2016 13:58:22 | Pubblicato da: Imola Szilagyi | Città: Deva, ROMANIA |

Double Head Pickle Injector for red meat (ID. 30096)

Wide range of application with 44 to 176 needles for injection of bone-in and boneless meat
All advantages of single head pickle injectors and additionally:
Optimum solution for high injection percentage by using two separate injection heads
Computer Control for setting and display of production parameters and optional interface to a central Production Data Acquisition System
Frequency Control for brine pressure and injection speed in combination with Computer Control
Integrated double brine filter system
Rinsing system for cleaning of brine circulation as an option
Working width: 360 mm
Toos: 2x22
Needles: 44 - 176
Power: 10.5 kW
Voltage: 3x400 V, 50 Hz

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