SIPA SF8 3 Linear Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding Machine - 77000 Euro

Data: 26-02-2016 17:48:45 | Pubblicato da: Imola Szilagyi | Città: Bucharest |

Linear Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding Machine (id. 780)
year: 2003
Refurbished din 2008
Container size (max.): 7 l
Output: 2000 U/h
Preform feed system: Yes 3
Neck: 48
Number of cavities: 3
Materials: PET
Heating zones: 8
Soundproof and safety cabin
- Bottle discharging connection to the line on table-top conveyors
- Electrical cabinet with operator interface module
- One set of blowing moulds fo 5 litre cylindrical bottles
- The machinery has 45746 working hours and neck of 48 mm

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